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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium 2016-17

There are many different barriers to learning which Pupil Premium children have including lack of rich educational

experiences and resources outside of school; parents not being fluent in English so they struggle to help their

children at home; behaviour; attendance.

We aim to help parents to help their children through ESOL and other parenting classes.

As a school we also focus on attendance and behaviour and giving children rich learning experiences and quality

resources including abundant reading books.  These help address the barriers to learning which children have

and quite often do not cost a lot of money: additional Pastoral time (Learning Mentors and Parent Support

Workers) time is the main expenditure in these areas. We therefore choose to use the bulk of the money to give

Pupil Premium children extra support to catch up with their peers. We have great success with individual literacy

and numeracy programmes and Beat Dyslexia. These are delivered by teachers or Higher Level Teaching Assistants.

At the top end of the school some funding has been used to enrich and accelerate the progress in writing.


In 2016-17 school received £279,134 which we have used to raise the achievement of pupil premium children through:

  • Direct teaching support - Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTA) and Teacher intervention staff delivering

     individualised programmes.

  • Removing barriers to learning – Pastoral staff working to support families.
  • Resources to support the above.
  • Enrichment opportunities to promote creativity

The breakdown of the money is spent thus:

  • HLTA support FTE 3.97 =£128,450
  • Teacher support 0.6+  =  £26,240
  • Pastoral  support 1 x Learning Mentor 2 x Parent Support = £80,550
  • Additional external enrichment =£29,150
  • Resources to support the above plus transport, uniform and trip support =£8250

Progress of our pupil premium children will be monitored each half term by the head teacher who will meet with

staff to hold them to account. Progress measures will be based on assessments downloaded to Classroom Monitor

and Renaissance Star Assessment and these will be reported termly to Governors at the Teaching and Learning

sub-committee.  The next pupil premium strategy review will be in October 2017


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