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Reading & Phonics


At Little London Primary School we teach phonics using Letters and Sounds, Jolly Phonics and Phonics Play. This is the progression for learning the sounds.

Set 1s a t p  
Set 2l n m d
Set 3g o c k
Set 4c k e u r
Set 5h b f ff l ll
Set 6j v w x
Set 7y z q


After the children have learnt to recognise each group of initial sounds, they will continue with a set of graphemes made up of more than one letter. This is the progression for these sounds.



You can find a video demonstrating how to pronounce the sounds here.

Another useful tool is Alphablock on cbeeies website just click here to view the videos





Children at Little London Primary learn to read using a mixture of reading scheme books and real books. When children first begin to read, they may read individually to their class teachers. As they begin to progress they will be taught in a group. This method of teaching reading is called guided reading. During guided reading, a group of children at a similar level will all read the same book. Having read the book or a chapter from the book, they then answer questions about the book and enter into a group discussion. The children really enjoy sharing their ideas as a group.

We use a mixture of books for guided reading including books from the Rigby Star scheme, Rigby Navigator and good quality books by real authors. We only choose books of the highest quality to encourage the children to develop a love of reading.



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