Little London Community Primary School

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Competitions and Clubs

Competitions and Clubs in School


Lunchtime and after-school clubs

Here in Little London Community Primary School we offer lunchtime and after-school clubs for children to join to enhance their enjoyment and skills in physical education. These change termly.

Here are a few examples:

  • Fitness Club with Miss Birch


    As part of fitness club the Fitness leaders have created an aerobic dance for all to learn in school and do throughout each lunchtime to ensure a daily, high-energy workout for all.

  • Football club with Mr Hall
  • Rugby club with Mr Lancaster
  • Dance clubs (lower school dance with Mr Chrouch and upper school dance with Mr Yeadon)
  • Tchoukball club with Mr Bulmer
  • Martial Arts
  • Footech Academy
  • Rhinos afterschool clubs


Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday lunchtime Elite and Rhinos work with the children on the playground and help develop their love for PE along with their key sports skills. They ensure hearts rate are UP!



We believe in Little London that a bit of healthy   competition never harmed anyone! We encourage children to be competitive but kind and we encourage resilience and sportsmanship.

Each half term we compete against the other 4 schools in the Lantern Learning Trust in tournaments such as football, basketball, cricket, etc.

We also seize as many other opportunities, with being a member of Active Schools, to compete in other tournaments and competitions.

Our clubs, such as tchoukball, also are involved in playing against other schools and teams.