Little London Community Primary School

"Helping children and the community succeed in the heart of the city"

Action Plan 2017-18

Physical Education Plan for Funding 2017-18


Key objective

Action taken


By who

By when

Additional comments

1. Improve the confidence of all teaching staff in delivering and planning PE across the curriculum.

Highly skilled outside agencies to work with children and staff.

Staff training and updates on Real PE scheme and our curriculum.


Staff audits.

Improvements to confidence and quality of teaching.

Greater coverage of all PE areas.



Led by EJ and JB

04.18 TB reviewed


2. Increase the amount and quality of exercise done during lunchtimes.

Highly skilled outside agencies to work with children and lunchtime supervisors.


Timetables and contracts with outside agencies.

Audits for lunchtime supervisors.

Pupil interviews.

Led by EJ and JB

All lunchtime staff and pupils

04.18 TB reviewed


3. Increase the amount and variety of lunchtime and after-school clubs available.

Highly skilled outside agencies to make thorough use of outdoor areas (all hall space currently in use).



Parent questionnaires improvements.

Premium funding for quality provisions.


Led by EJ and JB


Not to commence outside agencies until Spring term (due to weather). To review 07.18


4.Take part in more in-trust competitions.

Lantern Learning Trust half termly sport competitions and termly festivals (links to Rhinos partnership).


Letters for invite.



Led by EJ and JB


Reviewed 07.18


5. Revalidate Healthy School status.

JB and EJ to attend training and outside support.

Work closely with parents about what constitutes a healthy lifestyle and improve lunchtime meals.

Healthier lunchboxes.

New PSHE scheme coverage in school.

Workshops and letters.

Led by JB and EJ

Reviewed 07.18